When work is going well, there is nothing like it – your heart and soul sing.

I started my artistic life as a photography major at Columbia College in Chicago. One day I walked into a room with floor looms and became captivated. Weaving brought me into the world of fiber and I have never left.  For me as an artist, it had everything that made sense to me; work of the hand, a communal excitement for the craft and a playground for color and texture. Throughout the years, my medium has changed, but I maintain my connection to fiber as a tool to bring texture to my work.

The artwork I am producing today is a unique fusion of 2 medias, paint and fiber.  Each piece is a translation of my love of nature, color and texture and is presented as framed work for interiors.

Yosemite is a memory bank of images for me – reflections in the water, the colors in the granite, the towering pines, and the meadow grasses.  All of these enter into my work to some degree.

As the years have gone by, my work has gotten more abstract.  It is now more about tapping into the viewer’s imagination than me providing the image.  That is the power of abstract expressionism for me.  It allows the viewers to recall places, emotions, and experiences.   I like when each person sees something different.  For me, that defines a successful piece, because my thoughts are out of the way. The door has been opened for the viewer to experience the work and transform it into their personal journey.