2018 Earth Day Hero
California Safe Schools

"For more than three decades, Marybeth Schwartzenberger, has created exquisite works of art that express her love of nature, color and texture. Schwartzenberger’s work is inspired by natural forms, and she uses her materials to convey the colors and textures of our world. Her spectacular works have been exhibited extensively throughout the United States as well as the Southern California area."

Featured Publications

Cloth Paper Scissors
No. 9 (Winter 2006)
Ed. Patricia Chatham Bolton

Fiberarts Design Book
 No. 7 (May 2004)
Ed. Susan Mowery Kieffer

Fiberarts Design Book
No. 6 (December 1999)
Ed. Nancy Orban

Fiber Art Now
Vol. 4, No. 4 (Summer 2015)
Ed. Marcia Young

Through Our Hands
No. 5 (May 2015)
Ed. Laura Kemshall & Annabel Rainbow

Mixed Media Self-Portraits
(September 2008)
By Cate Coulatos Prato